Budget Hotels Dehradun are primarily categorized into those Hotels which provide cheap accommodation along with basic amenities to suit the requirement of frequent and budgeted travelers.
Although in the past decade, Budget Hotels are continuously striving hard to enhance the standard of their budget hotels. Owing to the increasing competition it becomes hard to even hold on to the loyal customers, as when it comes to budget hotels people are trying to save money as well as looking for a place to provide them with utmost comfort and basic amenities.
Hotel MJ Residency, located in the heart of the city of Dehradun (capital of the state of Uttaranchal) boasts of providing you with the best a traveler is looking for in a budgeted hotel.
Let us give you an overview of all the facilities that make MJ Residency a top-notch budget hotel, ranking clearly better than any other budget hotel in the city.

Luxury Rooms: The Rooms of MJ Residency are nothing short of providing you with the utmost luxurious comfort along with every other necessary amenity. Our rooms offer ample space as they boast an area of 80 square meters. Besides this, the silky sheets on our beds and the comfy pillows will help you ease off to a sound sleep. You may choose to seat yourself on the available chairs while watching T.V or eating a meal or alternatively relax on the comfortable sofa. Amenities like LED T.V. air-conditioning, free Wi-Fi, a mini-bar and much more, will just add on to the overall luxurious experience. All of this will come an at a surprise cost of a room in a budget hotel. You may visit MJ Residency for all the details on our budgeted yet luxurious rooms.1

Restaurant: When we talk about budget hotels, it is a rare thing that you will find good restaurants in them. But with MJ Residency it is an exception. Our Restaurant, MJ Dinner keeps up to date with the culinary arena and promises a delicious meal alongside a soothing ambiance, every time you visit us. Our Multi-Cuisine, a food menu includes a wide array of meals, from Indian, Chinese, Oriental, and Continental. You will actually be quite amazed at the number of choices offered throughout the menu.

So if you are looking to treat yourself real nice and pamper those taste buds, MJ Dinner is the place to be. We are always looking forward to serving you with a delightful meal.

Bar: Yet another star addition to the city’s best-budgeted hotel. Let’s be completely honest about the fact that how many budget hotels actually have a bar? But not only does MJ Residency’s MJ Cheers provide you with a range of both Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic drinks, but the ambiance is absolutely soothing to relax you and unwind your day’s tiredness. The MJ Bar is the perfect spot to quench everyone’s thirst. By offering an unbeatable range of both Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Beverages, we are sure to satisfy every soul who loves a drink, is looking to relax and spend some quality time. Whether you would like to sip in some fine wine or just looking to grab a few beers, we’ve got it all covered for you under one roof. MJ bar also boasts an extensive range of both Indian and Imported spirits and serves cocktails to your delight.

Banquet/Party hall: Budget Hotels are usually known to be limited to a confined area. But at MJ Residency it is absolutely the other way around. One’s of MJ Residency’s prized possession is our massive party hall, Madhur Milan. Madhur Milan is the dream spot for anyone who is looking to celebrate a gala occasion, be it a Wedding ceremony, the day that marks your Wedding milestone or your child’s first birthday celebration. It has the capacity to easily accommodate more than 500 guests together and it has been architected to assure the free movement of the guests. Every other minor detail such as the sound, lighting and the seating arrangement at the venue have been given absolute attention, keeping the mind the comfort of every guest.

Wi-Fi: Internet is something that we literally live our lives on nowadays. Whether it is home, work or travel, we need internet to solve some purpose or the other, on a daily basis. Even if we talk about a budget hotel, it is now a mandate for them to provide internet facility. MJ Residency is completely Wi-Fi enabled to assure every traveler can get the access to the internet when they really need it. The Wi-Fi is available to use throughout the property and the signals are usually pretty strong. So stay connected with the World, throughout your stay.

Pick and Drop: Another terrific addition to our list of services provided is the Pick and Drop facility. We offer the pick and drop facility from airports and railway stations. This is a special facility, which primarily aims to make it convenient for our guests to reach their destinations in a hassle-free manner. There are a number of instances when unscrupulous taxi operators will torment the travelers at the Airports and Railway Stations. We make sure that these situations are completely avoided by assisting the traveler from the time of pick up till dropping them to the Hotel and back.

Secure Free Parking: MJ Residency as the best budget hotel in Dehradun, takes pride in the fact that we provide ample and safe free parking facilities to all our customers. Our 24×7 security on-site parking is monitored by CC TV. We will make sure your wheels are safe while you enjoy a comfortable stay at our Hotel. We provide ample space to park at least 40-50 vehicles at one time, making it convenient for every guest of ours.

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Conference Facility: It is not a usual thing to find a Conference hall in a budget hotel but MJ Residency has another exclusive addition by offering a humongous area to arrange a conference. We provide perfect arrangements to organize a corporate conference. Also if you are looking to organize a conference or team meeting and just have a bit of fun and blow off some steam then have a look at some of our Lawn Based Activities at our very own MJ Lawn. At this budget hotel, we can cater for groups of any size and provide a fun corporate event. Make a checklist and give us a shout and it’ll all be taken care of as per your wish.