High quality projector with a good resolution and a modern design is available for the best visual presentations in the conference room at MJ Residency. Ideal for the business meetings, it can handle virtually all sorts of images, videos and data in as much detail as possible.


Free Wifi

Free wifi with an excellent speed and easy connectivity is provided at MJ Residency. The wifi is capable of data downloading with a minimal buffering. You can enjoy a fast-paced internet with a smooth streaming of all your audios and videos in HD quality.


Corporate menu

We provide a first-class hospitality with the finest of menus for all your business events. With the snacks, drinks and meals prepared to perfection the conference room also holds a staff eager to your service. Delicious breakfasts, lunches and dinners at your beck and call are offered for all your meetings, seminars and corporate parties.


Conference Room

The conference room at MJ Residency allows you to conduct your own meetings on booking. It provides you with the perfect ambient space for your group conferences. With a wonderful working atmosphere the place gives you an opportunity for quality discussions and productive business interactions.

modern hall

MJ Residency holds a spacious modern hall with an ample capacity for accommodating a corporate crowd. With elegant lights and comfortable seating the modern hall serves excellent interiors. Well ventilated and fully air-conditioned it is the proper space for your business gatherings.

Conference Rooms

We have three conference halls on the premises accommodating a total of 20 in one, and upto 80 in the other two. We understand the needs of big office events and we also welcome the ladies clubs or other event needs.

conference room

HALL 1                           30 people

conference room

HALL 2                           80 people

conference room

HALL 3                           80 people

“Important decision require a conducive environment for them to be made right.”