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Excellent Family Hotels in Dehradun : MJ Residency Dehradun

Excellent Family Hotels in Dehradun

Whether you are taking your family for an outing or are looking for a quick meal in Dehradun, MJ Hotel Residency has a restaurant which ideal to suit what you may be looking for.

MJ Residency, located on Dehradun. Featuring “MJ Dinner” where one can enjoy whatsoever dish for a fixed menu price, Hotel MJ Residency has a best family-friendly restaurant that you would want to experience not only with your family but friends also.

A few blocks from C.M.I. Hospital, Dehradun offering some good traditional barbecue.

Every item on the menu is boldly Uttrakhand style food. This is the sole establishment of its kind in town where meat is prepared in a slow-cooked pit to yield its mouth-watering taste and aroma.

For those whose love for barbecue is only equal to their love for their favorite game, this is the ideal place to be. that’s why MJ Residency is considered as one of the excellent family hotels in Dehradun.

The restaurant also has vegetarian delicacies, take away menu and an outside MJ terrace where you can enjoy the sunshine as you enjoy your meal.

Since it opened under new management, MJ Residency is much cheaper and family friendly. Contrary to many restaurants, this hotel goes beyond tasty cuisine to offer old-fashioned meals also.

The interior decoration is modern and elegant. Their friendly staff and cheap prices make the hotel stand over their competitors.

For a visitor or a resident, Hotel MJ Residency has what it takes to give that unique and memorable experience that one will always yearn to experience it over and over again.

we are pleased to invite you after that you got to know that why we are the best hotel of all the excellent family hotels in Dehradun

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Hotel MJ Residency,
54, Haridwar Rd, Near C.M.I. Hospital, Guru Nanak Vihar, Race Course, Dehradun,248013,
Telephone No.0135 262 9591