mj residency kitty party and events


How often have you walked into a restaurant or hotel ballrooms at noon only to find a surfeit of leisurely lunching ladies in large groups dressed in their showy best? Needless to say, it’s more often than not; and the feeling can be rather overwhelming, if not intimidating. However, one cannot deny that a majority of women find comfort, sisterhood and security at these soirees that are more fondly called ‘Kitty Parties’ #ladiesmeetup. Every member of the group has to contribute a certain sum of money a month. The kitty is to be handed over to one member of the group every month. Quite frankly, a lump sum kitty beats pennies every month. And the perks of camaraderie, good food and ale acts as bonus. Why frown on it? Women get a sum of money to dispose of as they please on the things they need or like to indulge in while keeping up with friends. We deserve that much now, don’t we?

About four years ago, a decent party at a neighborhood restaurant could cost up to Rs 250 per head. But now, when you factor in a plush three star, even five star hotels, with cocktails, soft drinks, elaborate fare and other paraphernalia, the cost can skyrocket to R50, 000 per head #luxury. Needless to say, in this desire to go high-end, the concept of hosting a kitty party in the comfort of one’s home has vanished. Now, if you say you would rather host it at your place over a game of cards and drinks, followed by dinner, it becomes more frantic & less fun. For any restaurateur or hotel owner, it is more than a welcome group of clients for lunch, brunch, dinner or coffee hours. Wednesday’s & Friday’s are packed with the crowd that is definitely becoming younger, chicer & sophisticated. The hotel allows these women to get the gossip session going with some excellent offers that cannot be missed, blending the charisma of Indian customs and shaping its venue according to the occasion with exclusive services that can be availed to please its guests and make the occasion a marvelous event. This kitty business is becoming important to the hospitality industry to the extent that on the “kitty days”, restaurant & hotel menus are tweaked to include salads & less oily foods. Women these days are health conscious. The modern look, ideal location, courteous staff and appetizing food is what makes these get together relaxing and delightful. Also, these parties are a chance for us women to take a short break from daily house chores with the opportunity to do one thing we like the most, ‘Talk’. Ok, we always deny the fact but it’s true. Sue us!! The topics vary from general gossips to weird ones. The delicious food and drinks fuel the bodies tired of all the chit chat, fun games and sharing beauty tips. Any affairs or slipups are surely to be discussed. Hardly a handful of women might not gossip making it a sought after sharing event in the party. Haven’t you heard, “Hear no evil, speak no evil and you’ll never be invited to a party.”

Shopping and fashion are the topics that take the entire party by storm. Women discuss things related to aforementioned for hours and not get tired. Well what can I say, we are a talented lot. *chuckles* It can start with the latest trend or a new boutique discovered and may end with the ongoing sale #shoptillyoudrop. Kitty parties are crucial for voicing of emotions, allowing women to express their anxieties and vulnerabilities in marriage, discomfort in their otherwise comfortable homes & fraught relations with the extended family. Discussed in hushed voices, elusive words and stolen glances, these spaces of private emotional dialogues are most difficult to understand for an outsider who is only observing them. Yet they remain highly perceptible. Life is very short. So party hard, party long, Life is a dance floor, rock along. You only live once! We at MJ Residency give you everything you need.