Luxury, a state of utmost comfort or elegance was something which only a few could afford a while back. But as the times have evolved and so has the purchasing power of people. It is not any different over here in our country either and simply owing to more and more travelers being able to afford the luxury, there has been a sudden increase in the number of Luxury Hotels in India.
Even the hotels which provided just basic amenities are now upgrading themselves just to stay updated and match the luxury standards of their competitors.

One Luxury Hotel that stands out from others in the city of Dehradun is Hotel MJ Residency. Whether we talk about the exceptional service, cleanliness, food, luxury rooms or all the other amenities, MJ Residency is a class apart.

Let’s shell out some light on some of the luxurious offerings in the Hotel:

Luxury Rooms: The rooms in MJ Residency have been crafted carefully to suit the needs of various travelers. Every room will offer more luxury than anyone can imagine for the price they pay for it. Our Rooms are Categorized into:

(1) Standard Rooms: Our standard rooms have so much beyond, what average standard rooms have to offer. A Queen Size bed with soft sheets on top and gel-infused pillows will offer relaxation at it’s best. Also, other amenities like LED T.V. airconditioning and free Wi-Fi around the clock will make your a whole lot delightful.

(2) Executive Rooms: MJ Residency’s Executive Rooms category has a class of its own. The rooms provide an incredible view of the city and are designed with style and fitted with the best furniture. Besides a comfortable Queen Size bed with cozy mattresses and pillows, you can surely look forward to a sound sleep. There is also a workstation with desk and chair to help you with your official work. Also, other amenities like LED T.V. airconditioning and free Wi-Fi will make your stay a leisurely one. You may also choose to take advantage of our express check-in and check-out facilities.

(3) Luxury Rooms: Our Luxury rooms offer ample space as they boast an area of 80 square meters. Besides this, the silky sheets on our beds and the comfy pillows will help you ease off to a sound sleep. You may choose to seat yourself on the available chairs while watching T.V or eating a meal or alternatively relax on the comfortable sofa. Amenities like LED T.V. air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, a mini-bar and much more, will just add on to the overall luxurious experience.

Location: MJ Residency is not just a Luxury Hotel in Dehradun owing to the amenities offered by the Hotel. But it is located literally in the heart of the city and just minutes away from where you ever think of going. It is very conveniently located, just 5 minutes away from the railway station and 15 minutes from the bus terminal. The nearest Airport if not too far away and is a drive of around 40-45 minutes. The famous malls and the main market are also at a driving distance of 10-15 minutes depending on where you intend to visit.

MJ Restaurant: MJ Restaurant which is better known as MJ Diner, is another gem to our list of amenities in our Luxury Hotel. In India where we simply love the food, the aroma of spices, the variety of delicacies and often the ambiance where the meal is served. For one simple reason, MJ Diner is highly recommended by most as it fulfills all of the above. At MJ Diner we keep up to date with the culinary arena and promise a delicious meal alongside a soothing ambiance, every time you visit us. Our Multi Cuisine vast food menu includes a wide array of meals, from Indian, Chinese, Tandoori, and Continental. You will actually be quite amazed at the number of choices offered throughout the menu. Our travelers have often complimented us after being exceptionally pleased with the food and the service and have thoroughly enjoyed their meals.

Bar: If you are talking Luxury, you must definitely be having a place to sit back, relax and sip in some of your favorite Drinks. MJ Residency’s Bar also known as MJ Cheers has an unbelievable variety of Drinks to offer. You may happily choose from a wide range of both Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Drinks. Be it the famous domestic brands or the rich and rare imported options, MJ Cheers has it all on the shelf for you. Besides providing you such a huge range of fine drinks, the Luxury Hotel has an ambiance which is absolutely soothing to relax you and unwind your day’s tiredness.

MJ Terrace: Another star addition to our list of amenities as a Luxury Hotel in Dehradun, is your own party space, MJ Terrace. It is no surprise that we all just truly love parties and to have them in a huge open-air atmosphere is just pure bliss. With rooftop parties in trend, it is very imperious so that we designed that space in such a way that there is enough area for people to enjoy thoroughly and make it a memorable evening for everyone attending the party. What makes our Terrace even more lively is the mini garden that we have in place on the roof and the whole area being completely surrounded by plants. This sets the tone for your celebration completely by creating an impeccable ambiance. Who would still want to remain stuck in a basement or indoors, when you can celebrate in style and party out in an open-air terrace.

MJ Cafeteria: It may a usual norm to have a Cafe in a Luxury Hotel, but just as the Hotel does, MJ Cafeteria also stands out among the Cafes in town. It is actually our prized possession and an extremely popular place to hang out for the locals and our guests. Based on the ‘Paris Street Cafe’ theme, MJ Cafe offers you a vast range of beverages and food items that are bound to delight every soul. Well, of course, we are proud of our coffees and brew them to suit the taste of every avid coffee drinker. You will be amazed by the extensive range of coffees and other hot and cold beverages. Also to accompany your favorite beverages, we have a variety of popular and curious food items available. All of it freshly baked in our very own in-house bakery.