Toss some confetti in the air and celebrate with MJ Residency Hotel

“Celebration is life’s frosting. Isn’t frosting the best part of a cake?”

We at MJ Residency Hotel define celebration as not merely a word but an amalgamation of different feelings of joy, chord, love, warmth & forging bonds. It is the time to rejoice the victories overshadowing the challenges that were encountered along the way, where families and friends get together sharing stories focusing on the present and reminiscences of the past.

The Indian society being one of the oldest in the world is embodied in its culture and religion and hence the occasions like child birth and weddings hold a higher sanctity. Did u know that according to the Shastras there are eight prevalent forms of marriage? No wonder weddings are a serious affair. From the colorful mehendi ceremony to conventional saat pheras, everything holds great significance. You’ve exchanged the rings, picked the date & you’ve got a rough idea of your guest list. Now, it’s time to do the most important task i.e. RECEPTION VENUE HUNT. The place you are considering should be able to handle the size of the marriage party. We know that weddings are an expensive affair and one is paying for each guest attending it. Despite of the fact that the guests that you haven’t spoken to in four years and are still invited. SIGH! The gorgeous decoration though. It’s basically Pinterest’s wildest dream gone rogue. But hey! At the end of the day it’s the most important day of your life so couldn’t hurt to go all demented for once. *Wink* the best part of the celebration includes the little moments of jiju-sali nokjhok, devar-bhabhi masti, the goofball cousins making lame jokes and much more. And what is an Indian celebration without some annoying relatives like the Dramatic Aunt’s with the stereotypical “Look how big you have become!” The enthu cutlet Mama who is interested in everything you do. Heaven forbid if you a know a little moves, you’ll be requested to give an award night performance in the living room. Oh and the gossipmongers. You let a whiff of your life problems and the whole neighboring districts will also come to know of it. *Giggles* But no matter how irritating they all can get, no celebration is complete without them adding life to it. For me the best part is that sister-in-laws legally have the right to steal the groom’s shoes. And the best thing; you get paid for it too.

With time people forget everything else but its food at the wedding that keeps the buzz even after years. Multicuisine catering that pampers one with fine dine experience and is chosen selectively by the chefs to appease the guest with burst of flavors is the best of both worlds. The bridal suite acts as an emancipator. It acts as an haven to escape all d backstage drama n pre wedding jitters. All brides appreciate a little me time now, don’t they?

The clothes worn by the women at the wedding would not be amiss at the filmfare red carpet, and the alternate accommodations at the hotel help them achieve that perfect look at the comfort of room service. Being a 3-day celebration we cannot be expected to wear the same thing twice. Moreover each outfit needs matching accessories. The extensive jhumkas, designer outfits, a head full of bobbypins (outcome of funky hairstyles) and quirky heels are a mark that you have achieved the perfect look. Although a little contouring couldn’t hurt. Stuff getting misplaced at a wedding is more of a ritual. Safety pins, Bobby pins, Pooja ki thali, Shagun ke lifafe and what not. It’s like hosting a lost and found fiesta. *giggles* Of course there is lots of money moving around. Shaguns & more shaguns! Always makes you wonder where does it all end up.

Easily one of the best thing about an Indian wedding- “The Baraati Dance!” And if there is the baraat, there’s got to be a band in tow, complete with dhol, trumpet & shehnai. Then there’s always this DJ who’s spinning out tracks like ‘Angreji Beat’ and ‘London Thumakda’. And if there’s a DJ around there’ll also be a makeshift DJ floor. With all those fancy rainbow lights.

Let’s get this party started and Enjoy the moment at MJ Residency Hotel!