Travel in Dehradun Shiv Mandir the Inner Self of all Beings

Travel in Dehradun:- Shiv Mandir,”The Inner Self Of All Beings”

Book a room with MJ Residency Hotel, Dehradun and explore this beautiful temple on the Shivalik hills located just 14 KMS away from the location and if you can easily book a cab or ask the concierge to help you with it.

Known by various names, Lord Shiva is one of the deities of Hinduism. Considered as the supreme being who creates, protects & transforms the universe, the tranquil looking lord has multiple shades to his personality. The cresent moon, matted hair, blue throat and tiger skin furnishes a majestic look and makes him unique among all Hindu Gods. Dedicated to such Jehovah is the Prakasheswar Mahadev Temple, located 12kms from Dehradun. It is one of the most admired places among locals and devotees. This beautiful temple established among the hills attracts hundreds of visitors every month. The view here is mesmerizing. Everyday the temple is adorned with beautiful flora. The devotees offer water and milk to the idols of Shiva & Nandi. It is done with the intent of praying for them to be the guide and bless the worshippers. There is a certain serenity about the place. A delectable Bhandaara is organized daily for pilgrims. Tea and snacks are offered as a Prasad of Shiva. This is the only temple where no donations are allowed in the name of God. There are a few shops inside the temple where the visitors can spend some time surfing around. The enthralling place is 7-8 kms from Dehradun Railway station & Bus stand.