best hotels in dehradun mj residency

Want to explore the Himalayas and in turn yourselves? MJ Residency’s upgraded rooms and services are just what you need!

Travelling is one of the man’s basic impulses. An air of excitement, adventure and love has always been associated with it. Taking one to unknown lands and filling him/her with profound pleasure is what makes it so exhilarating. And you know what acts as the icing on the cake? Staying at a hotel which makes the entire experience worthwhile, pampering its guests with finest hospitality.

I am awfully greedy and want everything from life. I want to have many friends & to have loneliness, to work much & write good books, to travel and enjoy myself, to be selfish and unselfish at the same time. You see it is difficult to get all which I want. So whenever I get those feelings of complexities, I pack my bag and take a break from life #relaxmode. What better than travelling and putting up at a hotel where you get what you are looking for with the style and service you want, that too at a great price. An ideal choice for business and pleasure is any travellers phantasm. The central idea being to steal some moments of leisure while escaping the routine hectic life schedule. As they say wherever you go becomes a part of you.

Our country being a land of myriad images, people & faces, adventure & memories, has a lot to offer, from towering Himalayas to the kissed beaches, striking a contrast and balance. I mean just look at it, we see bullockcarts to jet planes, soaring sky scrapers to tiny cottages, jeans and sarees. Its like rambling in the past while living in the future. And when it comes to hospitality we never fail to touch the hearts of the tourists visiting here. Not bragging!! Ok just a little *chuckles* No maths that Indian hospitality is much admired and not easily replicated. The culture is firmly grounded into our people- in who we are, what we believe in and how we behave. The same dictum is followed by the hotels here. If I overhear someone saying how amazing a place is, I instantly want to visit it. But if someone says they didn’t liked the place or the hotel they stayed at I usually ignore.  Surely it can’t be that bad, unless the review has photos of mold or spiders in the room (creepy). That is why I take online reviews with a pinch of salt, especially since I have stayed in good hotels with terrible reviews and vice versa #explore. And MJ Residency Hotel in Dehradun is totally on the good side of the review culture and it stands up to them.

Quality utilities are a pre-requisite for providing the guests a comfy stay and establishing credibility among them. The very first thing that I notice in a hotel are the amenities it’s providing. Whether the standard room size is feasible and proportionate is a major attribute. And the private bathrooms. Sigh! They really are a blessing. Its like featuring in a movie; wearing the bathrobe and busting slight moves in front of the large mirror with the hair dryer in one hand acting as a mic. I wish I could do the same at home but my family already gives me the evil stare for singing in the shower. *giggles*. Also the hotel provides free Wi-Fi facility. Being active at the social networks is really important these days else you are treated as an outcast. Trust me. It allows you to stay connected to your near and dear ones also providing them a glimpse of your stay. Hotel selfies are so in trend. Also if you are on an official trip, it allows you to do all your research work at ease. Ever heard of writer’s block? I go through that most of the times. Well a vacation or hotel stay works wonder to curb it. Gives you time to access yourself and plunge deep into the mind, coming up with ideas and innovations. I simply love the calm and peace the rooms offer.

When we are always acting and moving from one thing to the next we sometimes forget to stop and think. Taking time to think allows for new ideas to emerge and counters the risk of becoming stagnant. New ideas and continuous change, not matter what your situation, is necessary. We all need to cut ourselves some slack for the sake of our sanity, especially if you are a working mother. How do they do it all is still a matter of research, isnt it? The whole point of a vacation or living at a hotel is to lose yourself in what you are doing and celebrate yourself. So embody a home away from home to experience the best of life.